The Gift of Found Time

(A NOTE TO READERS:  If you’re still wearing flip flops, grilling (despite the bugs!) and leaving your windows open at night, beware:  I’ll be using words like snow, cold, ice, winter and shovels!  I completely understand if you want to stay in your summer bubble.  Check back in November!)

My next children’s book arrives on book shelves October 10, 2017.  I can’t wait.  This book, like When the Wind Blows (Putnam, 2015) features adventurous kids and a grandmother with more zest than a bathtub full of lemons!

Like a melting icicle, the words started flowing as the snow came down during the winter of 2015.  Blizzard Juno blanketed the Boston area and then was quickly eclipsed by Thor.  We barely had time to restock the hot chocolate before two more winter storms quickly followed, shutting down roads and schools. There was just so much snow!  I remember being amazed by the “art” that formed everywhere I looked – dappled fields, top hats on fence caps, intricate patterns on round porch tables, symmetrical animal tracks forming geometrical patterns on virgin snow, delicate evidence of life thriving during the cold winter months.

And then of course, there was the snow play!  My youngest spent hours prone in the snow, alternately soaking in the stillness and bursting into a hot chocolate-fueled snow angels!

When the Snow Falls began in my moleskin notebook during those six snow days.  At it’s heart, it’s an invitation to slow down and accept that gift of found time — the unhurried and unplanned kind — that often comes with a snow storm. It’s also an invitation to look at the world with fresh eyes.  What better way than bundle up and go outside with kids?  One of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver, sums it up, as she always does, so well:

“Instructions for living a life. 
Pay attention. 
Be astonished. 
Tell about it.”

No one does movement in children’s books better than Jana Christy.  And the blues – cerulean, periwinkle, steel and sky – I’ll never think of winter the same way again!  Please consider pre-ordering the When the Snow Falls through your local bookstore.  Good pre-order prices are also available at Barnes & Noble   and Amazon.

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