Celebrating with Picture Books



Like me, you may have missed that February 5th was National Weatherperson’s Day. I discovered cool stuff about the first weather reporter (Bostonian John Jeffries), and one of the best-EVER book reviews of my children’s book WHEN THE WIND BLOWS, on this site:  CELEBRATE PICTURE BOOKS.


This fun site reviews picture books for every “holiday” — profound or quirky.   Did you know there’s a National Pig Day?  International Picnic Day?  Hug Your Cat Day?  There’s even a No Interruptions Day (on my birthday!).  Celebrate Picture Books matches a book for each day, along with great commentary and fun, hands-on activities.

So the next time you need a break from the news, check out the CELEBRA TE PICTURE BOOKS site, and plan your next celebration!


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