The Math of Making a Kite

graphics-kites-023790Hey Kids!

You can make your own kites using some math and measurement skills, and following instructions.




  • Two 3 foot long dowel rods
  • A spool of string or ribbon
  • Sturdy paper (old shopping bags are perfect)
  • Strong tape (such as duct tape or reflective tape)
  • Art supplies for decorating



  1. Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the dowels.
  2. On one of the dowels, make a mark at 2 feet.
  3. Get an adult to help you cut the one dowel at the 2 foot mark.
  4. Discard the foot long piece of dowel.
  5. You now have one 3 foot long dowel and one 2 foot long dowel.
  6. On the 3 foot long dowel, measure and make a mark at 1 foot.
  7. Take the short dowel and place it across the long dowel at the 1 foot mark.
  8. Measure and cut one foot of string.
  9. Tie the rods together into a cross shape with the string, making sure the rods stay together.
  10. Place the rods on the paper.
  11. With a ruler, measure and make a mark two inches from the end of each dowel.
  12. With a pencil and ruler, draw a line to connect the marks and form a kite shape.
  13. Cut out a paper kite shape.
  14. Using a ruler, measure 2 inches around the inside of the kite shape. Make a mark.
  15. Make a fold on each diagonal side of the kite at the 2 inch mark to create an edge. Secure with tape.
  16. Tape the paper portion of the kite to the cross.
  17. Decorate the kite. However, do not use anything heavy or attach anything to the kite (beads, feathers, etc.) It’s best to stick with markers, colored pencils and light paint.
  18. Tie spool of string to the point where the bars cross, leaving the end attached to the spool.

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