Teaching Children To See The Systems All Around Us
Systems Literacy: Connect the Dots to Change the Game
three-part podcast interview with The Science of Change

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What Are Systems?
Understanding Casual Loops


When the Wind Blows

Connected Wisdom: Living Stories About Living Systems

The Systems Thinking Playbook

When a Butterfly Sneezes: A Guide for Helping Kids Explore Interconnections in Our World Through Favorite Stories (Systems Thinking for Kids, Big and Small, Vol 1)


“Thinking about Systems” Playkit:
by Linda Booth Sweeney, Drumlin Farm, the Creative Learning Exchange, with graphic design by Ann Jennings. The “Healthy Chickens, Healthy Pastures: Making Connections at Drumlin Farm and Beyond” is a systems playkit designed to help people (ages 8-88) to “connect the dots” and think deliberately about living systems in a farm setting. The kit includes a game, wikki stiks, systems glossary and more. A free curriculum guide is available here and you can download an article about the playkit here. If you are interested in a customized playkit, please contact me:

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