Make Your Own Windy Day!

What happens on a windy day? See if you can capture some of the movement and excitement of a windy day by creating your own one to two minute STOP-MOTION video.

You can see an example here: My youngest daughter, Anna, and my friend, awesome interaction designer Xin Xin and I created this “book trailer” using a free stop-motion app.

Before doing this activity, download your favorite Stop-Motion Apps. Many of the apps are free. I used this one.

1. Set up your windy day scene. You may want to arrange found objects from around the house or create scenes using clay, cut-out paper dolls or legos. This is your “set”.

2. Set up an iPhone or Android “camera.” I taped mine to a spritzer maker to keep it steady. You can also use a tripod if you have one. You want to make sure your camera is steady. Check that you can see your set through the camera. Check the lighting. Can you see your objects well? If not, you may want to turn on a nearby lamp.

3. Take one photo. Then move the objects and take another photo. You will be moving each figure just a tiny bit. Take a picture each time you move something in your set.

4. Move. Click. Move. Click. Start with a 10-second video. At 5 frames a second (the minimum needed for animation to work), that’s 50 clicks of the camera, in total. For a one-minute video, you can expect to take about 300 pictures. It’s good to have patience. A lot of patience!

When you’re done, I’d love to see it and share it with our community! Email me your YouTube or Vimeo link here, and I’d be thrilled to share it with our Red Shoe Kids community via Twitter.

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