Bonus: How Do You Measure The Wind?

Through observation and estimation, students can figure out the speed of the wind.

1-3 mph: Smoke drifts lazily, branches are still, flags hang limp

4-7 mph: Tree leaves rustle, flags move slowly

8-12 mph: Flags fly, bushes shake, leaves move

13-18 mph: Small branches shake, grass moves

19-24 mph: Large branches sway, flags flap noisily

25-31 mph: Trees shake, dust and sand flies

The best time to fly a kite is when the wind is between 4 and 12 miles-per-hour. If the wind is less, then most kites have problems flying. If the wind is more, then most kites will lose control. So watch the trees, bushes, flags and grass to know when the wind is just right.

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